Milkshake Ice Cream
November 8, 2017

One bowl to celebrate, one scoop to overcome disappointments, one stick for enjoyment or one bar for pleasure; ice creams are the only dish that plays a delightful part in our lives by sharing our happiness and desolation. They are perhaps the only dish that comes in all shapes, sizes, flavors, and colors.

As far as the existence of this delicacy is concerned, it stretches far back to the 5th century, where people of ancient Greece enjoyed ice mixed with honey and fruits, and look at it today! Sometimes when I reflect back about the transformations ice cream has undergone or better is still undergoing, I realize that the evolution of ice creams is no less interesting than the evolution of human beings.

Ice creams, regardless of their origin or taste havea universal appeal making it enjoyable for everyone. A little digging will bring to sight how ice cream delicacies of different cultures have spread all over the world and in some cases, the cross-cultures has created hybrid versions of the originals.

Can you even guess how many varieties of ice creams are presently available around the world? Don’t even start counting because the list will not come to an end!Everyday a different flavor and kind of ice cream are coming out of the doors of the ice creameries located in different parts of the world, making it very difficult to keep a track of all of them!

Experimentation with ice creams seems like a never-endingprocessand its collaboration with molecular gastronomy has further enhanced its potential. It has not only brought a drastic change in the plating and looks but has also taken it a step ahead and made having icecreams an experience!We no longer visit an ice-cream parlor for simply a bowl of sundaes or a scoop on a cone, we go for a treat for that wouldsatisfy our taste, vision, and soul.

It is for this reason, the craze for trending ice creams like smoke ice cream, milkshake ice cream, fried ice creams, ice cream sandwiches, noodles ice creams or the inverted cones has taken the social media by storm. People love to post their custom-made ice creams on Instagram, Facebook, snap chat or whatever else possible.

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