What is Smoke Ice Cream? Things You Did Not Know about This Ice Cream
October 24, 2017
Ice Cream Delights
November 21, 2017

If you are in possession of a sweet tooth since birth, just like me then I can guarantee that you are never going to be satisfied with a homey dessert. There is only one place in Delhi that can ease my and my likes’ craving for extra sweetened cold creams, and that is none other than the Fumo Creams.

Milkshake Ice Cream

Fumo creams are already a popular ice cream parlour in Delhi and it has the capability to floor you with its varied delicious frozen desserts and now they have come up with their own range of milkshake ice creams.

At Fumo Creams, the frothy, creamy and aeriated drink that has your favorite flavor of ice cream as its core ingredient is served in tall glasses and is ready to transport you to heaven. Just as their ice creams, the ice creamerypromises to provide you with customized milkshake products as well.

Milkshakes at Fumo creams are not just blending of a base ice cream with frozen fruits and a drizzle of chocolate syrup for garnish. From their finished product, you can get a clear idea about the effort they put behind every glass.

While having a quick chat with their team members, I discovered that the trick to a creamy iced milkshake lies in the consistency of the amount of milk and ice cream used, otherwise your drink will be nothing more thana cold flavored milk.

All the ingredients used in making their signature milkshakes are natural and handpicked. Besides the ratio of milk and ice cream, another thing that is taken into consideration is the quality of the base ice cream used. The base ice cream acts as a blank sheet to lay down your creation and thus it must not overpower the taste of the other ingredients. It must be fresh and must not have any artificial flavorings. After keeping all these things in mind, the customers are full freedom to go overboard to choose their desired combinations.

In the perfect ambiance of Fumo Creams, you can enjoy caramelized, chocofied or caffeinated milkshakes. You can also challenge your taste buds with mint, peanut butter and pumpkin spiced frothy drinks!

Other than milkshakes, some of their popular lip-smacking delicacies include smoke ice creams, cold roll ice creams, and ice cream sandwiches. So, when are you paying your next visit at Fumo Creams?

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