What is Smoke Ice Cream? Things You Did Not Know about This Ice Cream

Feel the Liquid Nitro Ice Cream at Fumo Creams
October 20, 2017
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November 8, 2017

Smoking is injurious to health,

But smoke ice cream is a joy to be felt!

Ice cream cakes and fried ice creams are a thing of the past; it is Smoke ice cream that has become the latest talk of the town.

What is Smoke Ice Cream

So, what is this Smoke Ice Cream?

Smoke ice creams are delicacies that use liquid nitrogen to amplify the presentation and the experience of the customers. It comes in a bowl of puffed or fruity cereals dipped in liquid nitrogen, that literary freezes the items in the bowl. Pair it with your favorite sauce and you are good to go! Put the frozen item in your mouth and breathe out foggy smoke!

It sounds exciting, isn’t it?

And to top it all, this fantasy filled dessert is now being brought to you by your favorite ice-creamery, Fumo Creams.

At Fumo Creams, we are always ready to satiate our sweet tooth crazy customers, and with new flavors coming every day and the vast use of molecular gastronomy in the gourmet industry, customers are always hungry to try something innovative. Fumo Creams are always a step ahead to bring you something new and ecstatic.

Here are some fun facts about this novel dessert that would make the sweet tooth maniacs go crazy:

  1. The theatric visual of the dish is due to the Leidenfrost effect. To put it simply, when a liquid is brought in contact with an object warmer than its boiling point, it emits smoke and keeps the liquid from boiling. Here we use nitrogen as the liquid.
  2. Smoke ice creams are the most popular dessert on Instagram and Snap Chat. Insane dessert lovers love to flaunt their foggy breath on various social media platforms.
  3. This dessert has already been a subject of controversy and received backlashes from food critics for using liquid nitrogen. But it has been proven that it is safe to consume liquid nitrogen. The catch is that you have to dig in this frozen goody just like you would have any hot item; slowly blowing out the nitrogen before putting it in your mouth! But at Fumo Creams every item is served with love and care, so the desserts are served only when the excess nitrogen has evaporated.

So if you are ready to tuck in a sweet cup packed in dramatic smoke, rush to the Fumo Cream store near you!

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