3 Things to Know about Nitrogen Ice-Cream
3 Things to Know about Nitrogen Ice-Cream
September 18, 2017
What is Smoke Ice Cream? Things You Did Not Know about This Ice Cream
October 24, 2017

Ice creams: a homey comfort dessert that is a favorite of all. It is an open secret that this particular sweet dish has stood the test of time and has undergone several modifications; each variation topped the other.

Feel the Liquid Nitro Ice Cream at Fumo Creams

And in recent times, the amalgamation of the good old ice creams with molecular gastronomy has taken it to an ecstatic level.

Keeping pace with the swiftly improvising molecular cuisine, we at Fumo Creams have always tried to bring our customers innovative and lip smacking creamy treats. Thus, to live up to our reputation, we invite you to feel our liquid nitro ice cream.

So, what makes the liquid nitro ice cream so special?

Well, this treat that we are talking about is smoky and creamy and is our namesake: Fumo Creams; and thus is bound to attract our customers because of its taste as well as the way it is staged. The velvety texture of the cream oozing out dense fog like smoke makes the ice cream irresistible.

It is interesting to note, that the use of liquid nitrogen makes the mixture creamier and denser. The time to freeze an ice cream is inversely proportional to the smooth texture of the ice cream; i.e. the more time it takes to freeze, the grainier the texture would be. At Fumo creams we use liquid nitrogen to freeze the concoction in a few minutes to maintain the smooth consistency of the ice cream.

Moreover, nitrogen is tasteless, odorless and colorless and thus it doesn’t overpower the flavor of your favorite frozen treat.

Every ingredient use here is handpicked and freshest of the lot. Besides this, Fumo Creams have always looked forward to cater the individual needs of its customers. The consumers are most welcome to choose from a wide range of flavors and be entertained while watching the entire preparation of their order right before their eyes!

So, we at Fumo Creams guarantee to serve you a dish that would not only satiate your taste buds and fill your heart with joy, but it would also be a treat for your eyes.

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