How an Ice Creams are Made to Pair with Dessert
How an Ice Creams are Made to Pair with Dessert
September 15, 2017
Feel the Liquid Nitro Ice Cream at Fumo Creams
October 20, 2017
3 Things to Know about Nitrogen Ice-Cream

Ice cream isn’t just dessert. It’s a science experiment and the science is safe.

Nitrogen ice-cream now a days; is the latest gourmet rage which has caught the fancy of foodies and ice-cream lovers. The idea of using liquid nitrogen to freeze ice cream has been around for a while, but its commercialization has just started recently.One question always comes in mind “Isit really safe to use liquid nitrogen?” So don’t worry; nitrogen used in this is not only tasteless, colorless, and odorless, it is completely non-toxic and safe. The reason for using it is quite simple. Liquid Nitrogen has a boiling point of -196.4 degree celsius, which when brought in contact with the ice-cream containerdraws out the latent heat in the ice cream base and freezes the delicious mix inside into ice-cream.

In India, the production of Nitrogen ice-cream is still very limited.”Liquid Nitrogen prepares ice-cream in less than a minute.Because the process is so fast, the ice crystals constituting the ice cream are much smaller than the ones present in traditional ice creams, giving it a creamy and smooth texture.The flash freezing results in an extremely creamy texture because it has no trapped air bubbles. It is also free from preservatives, and freshlymade with natural ingredients and hence is healthier. Since using liquid nitrogen freezes milk very quickly, giving it a creamier texture, that means low fat milk can be used to produce the same result. It is safe to use nitrogen for freezing as long as safety measures are taken care of. Few things you should know about Nitro ice-cream.

1) More creamier than traditional ice cream:
Ice cream is very delicate in nature. Most traditional ice creams now a days are adding mix-ins because they are trying to hide the fact that it’s been sitting in the freezer for a month or more. In this period of time water crystals are forming constantly. Flash freezing minimizes the process of forming ice crystals, which makes it more smoother and creamier ice cream than traditional brands.

2) More denser:
It’s a good thing to call it “dense” in the case of ice cream.Ice cream mixed by machine is almost 50% air. During the process of freezingcontinuous whipping makes it even airier. Because nitrogen ice cream is mixed by hand, it’s a thicker, denser and very foamy product in comparison to other ice creams. It has some extra heft in it because it doesn’t have the extra air whipped into it. Denser ice cream also takes time to melt, so nitrogen ice cream holds up well in high heat.

3) More customizable and freshest ice cream available:
Every scoop of nitrogen ice cream is frozen on the spot in front of your eyes. Because nitrogen ice cream is made on order, it is extremely fresh and can be tailored to one’s dietary restrictions. Diabetic, lactose-intolerant,vegan and gluten-free eaters can also find a combo that doesn’t upset their systems.

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