Lip Smacking With Delicious Milk Shake Ice Cream!
August 17, 2017
3 Things to Know about Nitrogen Ice-Cream
3 Things to Know about Nitrogen Ice-Cream
September 18, 2017
How an Ice Creams are Made to Pair with Dessert

We shouldn’t undermine ice creams by calling it simply a “dessert”. It is “beacon of hope” for people with a sweet tooth. A perfect combination of creaminess and coldness, then there is added crunch of dried fruits and nuts!

At Fumo creams we understand your craze for ice creams and therefore not only we have come up with a variety of flavours to tingle your taste buds but we are also here to provide you with customized version of ice creams; yes, you would get the combination of flavour that you prefer!

In the fast-paced world, every food item is getting a unique makeover. From starters to desserts, attempts are made to maintain the authenticity of the recipe and then add a twist to enhance the flavours as well as the presentation of the dish.

Ice creams are not lagging from such influence. When we talk of “ice creams” as a special dessert, we no longer visualize it as a single flavouredpopsicle stick, or a small bowl of frozen vanilla cream topped with some chocolate chips.

Ice creams have come a long way and have become perhaps the most colourful part of gastronomy. Moreover, the amazing combination of food and chemical science has given an edge to its presentation. People flock to buy ice creams not only for the taste of unique combinations but the theatre of it.

At Fumo creams we care for the desires of our customers and so we have incorporated the use liquid nitrogen in our menu to create the theatre and then let the happiness unfold. As for instant, the recent inclusion of “smoke biscuits” in our menu has gained a lot of popularity and positive reviews not only for its taste but the theatre of it!

But wait! What if after completing a meal you find yourself in a dilemma of choosing between your favorite dessert and best-loved ice cream? Don’t worry, at Fumo creams we go you covered!

The beauty of ice creams lies in the fact that they can be like the gorgeous dress that enhances your beauty or like the heavy accessory that brings together any simple outfit.

So, free your mind from the tug-of-war, and try your favourite ice cream with gajarkahalwa; the hot and cold combination would surely boost your senses. Or what about pairing it with a plate of jalebis or gulab jamuns?

If you love brownies or cheese cakes, ice creams can finely compliment them as well.

If you want a sweet and salty combination, pair it with your preferred pie.

If you want to keep it simple then combine your favourite frozen fruits with ice cream of your preference. The options are endless!

So, are you ready to indulge in such sinful delicacies? Then, buckle up and embark on this delicious journey with your favourite ice cream outlet Fumo Creams.

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