There are Five Incredible Facts About Ice-Cream, You will be Amused to Know

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July 21, 2017
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August 17, 2017


The youngsters love to post interesting photos of ice cream in social media to get like and shares. This blog shares some profitable information about ice cream which definitely rock on the instagram and facebook page of the ice cream lover.

  1. History of foundation of article

The idea of ice-cream originates from an amusement trait of a Roman emperor. It is said that he sent his slaves to mountain on account of importing snow. It was topped in the mixture of fruit juice, honey and nectar.  It was just a speculation and it is claimed to be evolved in 54-68 A.D.  In the later, we came to know Marco polo returned from china with the recipes of making ice from water and preparing ice cream with milk. This source claimed china is the founder of ice cream. In A.D 618-907, Chinese king T’ang of Shang employed 94 slaves to fetch ice to the palace called as “ice men”. It is indulged in making a dish mixed with koumiss (heated, fermented milk), flour, and camphor. It was like the modern day’s milk shake ice cream.

  1. Your favorite flavors say about your personality!

Suppose you are planning to date a new guy or a new girl. I will tell you a tricky way to predict about him/her nature. On your first date just offer to go a popular ice cream parlour in delhi where most of the common flavors are available. Ask the person about her favorite taste for ice cream and get the chance to reveal his/her personality. Suppose this person is fond of vanilla flavour. From outside vanilla looks very simple but the characteristics hidden in vanilla lover is very impulsive. They are very expressive, charming and colorful, and often succeed in love affairs. Strawberry simulates the color and essence of romance, but the person favors this flavor is introvert and logical. Beware of the chocolate lovers. They are coquettish, tempting and gullible. Just have a fun with the idea of revealing personal traits.

  1. The story of making waffle cone

Do you know the amazing story behind the creation of waffle cone ice cream? Yes, Today’s popular ice cream hunt waffle cone was introduced in St.Louise at the time of 1904’s world fair, when Abe Doumar, a traveling salesman persuade an ice cream vendor to serve the ice creams on rolled waffles made by another vendor nearby when they lack of paper dishes.

  1. Neapolitan ice cream

In the earlier time Neapolitan ice cream was introduced to represent the national flag of Italy, originated in the city of Naple in Italy. It was a three modeled blocks of flavors (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate) infused together. Later, many Neapolitan immigrants who welcome their expertise of frozen desserts to United states of America produced this dish and popularize the flavors of the three block separately – Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate.

  1. The reason for ice cream cramp in head

Our nerve ends on the roof of our mouth. When we eat ice cream, the nerves send signals to the brain of losing body heat. Suddenly the nerve vessels in brain contracts to each other and the blood in the head rushes back when they turn into its normal size. It causes sudden headache while eating ice cream.

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