New Summer Flavours in Fumo Creams
July 17, 2017
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August 4, 2017

As soon as the summer approaches we shifted our desert from indoor to outdoor snacks. Summer gives us pleasure of beverages and fruits. Sometime we feel bore to take the taste of fresh fruits. Our mouth needs the freshness of summer fruits and our taste-buds crave for the variety in foods. Summer gives us the luxury of eating ice cream in our desert. It is the bright side of accepting the summer positively. There are some hot flavours of ice cream which switches your mouth in ecstasy.

Milkshakes :

It is nice and safe to choose some classic flavours in your ice cream as a desert food. You will enjoy the taste of ice cream along with the nutritional benefits of milk. The multi-layered cheese in this ice cream  will satisfy your licking rigorously. It has a silky flow of creamy finishing. In summer often we get bore with yogurts after the main course of meal. This ice cream gives us the taste of dairy product as well as cools down our stomach. Hope your children too love this ice cream even if they hates milk in their breakfast.

Nitrogen Ice Cream :

Nitro ice cream is an incredible desert among ice-creams. The name “nitro” already have given you the hint of the presence of nitrogen. It reminds you the horrible chapters of inorganic chemistry papers, right? But there is nothing to worry about nitro ice cream because of its safe and scientific technology of preparing. In India you can taste the nitro ice cream in Fumo creams’ parlour. When you order it, the ice cream attendant prepares this by his own hands in front of your ice. They imbibe liquid nitrogen in your favourite flavor. This nitrogen will give you foggy smoke and chillness of cold. it gives fun to the children when the foggy smoke comes out from ice cream. So beat the heat of summer and cool your stomach with nitro ice-cream.

Rolled Ice Cream :

Fumo creams’ rolled ice cream gives you a new shape and taste of enjoying ice cream. The decoration of this rolled ice cream gives amusement to your eyes. It increases your appetite for fruit and unveils your gourmet nature.

Ice cream becomes the fourth need of every person during the time of summer. So taste some flavoured ice cream with best quality.

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