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June 13, 2017
Our Favorite Ice Creams for Dessert
July 21, 2017

Who loves summer in the tropical country like India? Most of us crave for the winter. Summer is the favourite season for the genuine ice cream lovers. So here is a good news for you that Fumo creams launches new flavours in this summer.

Mango Flavour :

Now Summer is in its full swing and provokes our mind towards mango as well as something cool like ice cream. So Fumo creams offers you a delicious snacks which is a perfect mix and match of your choice. If you enjoy the summer with fruits then Mango flavor is the right choice for you.

Coffee Flavour :

Suppose  you went for a hang-out with someone special then lift your choice by adding sophistication. It is simple. When you both feel thirsty due to summer heat and want something luscious to warm up your mouth, then try coffee flavoured ice cream in fumo creams’ parlour. Coffee is a drink which wakes you up removing your fatigue. According to the general confectionary this flavor is limited only for a particular section of consumers.

Chocolate :

It is luscious for it’s gooeyness. Fumo creams uses pure cocoa powder to prepare this flavor, so that you can get the immense depth of chocolate in your chocolate ice cream. Chocolate gains it’s worldwide popularity throughout years in the confectionary directory. Children also tend to chocolaty product. So keeping this in mind Fumo creams serves you this classic flavor of chocolate ice cream.

Strawberry :

It is an iconic taste of summer. It is all time favourite in any shapes whether it is in bar, or cone or in cup. Enjoy strawberry ice cream with other milky flavor adding a cherry on the top of it.

Pineapple :

your world of joy is in one scoop of this pineapple flavoured ice cream. It is churned with the real fruit which refresh your taste in summer.

Butter Scotch :

Ice cream parlour would be a bleaker place without the flavor of butter scotch. It is in its high demand throughout the year.

Vanila :

Vanila is the cornerstone of all ice creams. Sometimes going back to classics is a great feeling for this flavor. Fumo creams brings extra creamy texture in this vanilla flavor.

Nuts and Marshmallow :

Fumo cream presents this new flavor of ice-cream in this summer. It is their outside of the box item in this season.

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