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June 7, 2017
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July 17, 2017


It seems that the name nitro ice cream derives from inorganic chemistry chapter, right? But, practically it does not give you the flavour you supposed to get in chemistry book! Originally it is not made of alchemy. Only the liquid nitro mix-in is added to it to churn its extra flavour. Though it is said that the taste of anything good, anything delicious cannot be explained, here I admit the reasons why I am stalking on Nitro ice creams.

It is gooey
It’s all about the seriousness of your favourite ice cream. As I love the gooey feeling of the ice cream most. I found the creaminess in Fumo creams’ nitro ice cream. It gives a pleasure of traditional ice cream with a promise of something new, something unique. Its cream cheese layers soothe your eyes even before tasting. If you are a sensitive ice cream connoisseur you will feel the taste of creaminess in every layer. It is made through the technique of Flash freezing which minimizes the sizes of ice balls and this made the ice cream smoother.

Density is the most essential quality in ice-cream. When you taste your favourite ice cream and feel that it finishes suddenly or drops from it’s consistent flow of eating, it makes you upset. With Fumo Creams’ Nitro Ice-Cream you will never feel low density or any lack in quality.It contains liquid nitro (-132 degree) which is safe for your health. In comparison to the other ice cream in the market Fumo cream’s nitro ice cream is denser and give you the cool smoke of nitro.

Secured technology

Its technology of splash freezing is too scientific. Specially nitro ice-cream is prepared by hands. So you need not to worry about your health in mind, rather enjoy the ice cream deeply with full attention.

In Fumo creams parlour you can choose your favourite flavours and suggests the mix and match you like most. Personally I always mix crumbles of soft vanilla with swirls of butter scotch. If you buy it for your kid I would suggest to add some clororful jelly beans which attracts them most.

Fumo creams offers delicious ice cream with innovative ideas, where price is taken reasonable compared to the other brands in market.

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