Why all love Fumo Creams Nitro Ice-Cream are The Best Around
June 13, 2017

A taste cannot be visualized. If it is possible then only happens in Fumo Creams’ Delicious Ice Cream gallery. There you will see a plenty of flavours with fruitious stuffs. You can figure out a right taste with the options you got there. Here I will give you a sneak peak of Fumo Cream’s Ice cream gallery.

Fumo Creams Ice Cream

Nitro ice cream
Fumo Creams debuted nitro ice cream with your favourite flavour. Have you ever heard of nitro ice cream is denser, not foamy? Then you should encounter Fumo Creams’ Ice cream parlour. Here, you will instruct the attendants which flavours he should mix to prepare your ice cream. After that he will add a liquid nitrogen by his own hands. This liquid nitrogen will not make you bore like the nitrogen chapter in inorganic chemistry, rather you will enjoy the artificial cool smoke at any season. This ice cream is not made in machine instead it is made in front of your eyes. So you can trust the safety of the food before consuming.

Smoke ice cream
If you try this smoke ice cream it makes you breathe smoke out of your mouth and nose. It offers you to enjoy fog out of your own mouth and drive yourself to the immense pleasure and funny ideas. It is foamy in nature.

Milkshake ice cream
Milk shake ice cream is a popular flavour which you can enjoy in Fumo Creams parlour. It is gooey and dense in nature. A health conscious person will always like this milkshake ice cream because this cheesy layers out of pure milk and butter is crammed with high protein. You can ask the attendants to add a cherry at the top to make it more luscious. Moreover you can either add the swirls of chocolate or strawberry sauce.

Cold roll ice cream
Do your mouth waters for something crunchy along with creamy? Then cold roll ice cream will be the right choice for you. The roll shaped sticks are dipped in the silky flow of gelato. It looks yummy too.

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